Notice on the 10th youth league school and qingma engineering training course
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the Y.L.C of the SPA【2019】No.68

Branch of the regiments:

In the glorious historical process of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, the efforts of generations Chinese, leaving a brilliant footprint for the development of the country, cast a magnificent chapter in the development of China's various undertakings. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, remembering the years, not forgetting the beginning, moving forward, for the people of the whole country, including the vast number of young people, is of great significance and far-reaching. The vast number of young people are born at the right time, the heavy responsibility is on the shoulders. The new era has given young people more new platforms and opportunities, as well as new demands and responsibilities for young people. Youth have responsibility, the country has a future, the nation has hope. Young people and the motherland to grow up together, contemporary college students should shape the feelings of patriotism, not forget the initial heart, remember the mission;

After the study of the college's organizational structure, it was decided to carry out the 10th Group School and Qingma Engineering Training Course on the theme of Remembering the years and moving forward together at the School of Public Administration. This group school to teacher saught, outdoor practice and the form of the closing show, I hope that members of our academy through the group school study, stimulate the patriotic enthusiasm of students, can be the thought of practice in the future life! The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

I. Training objects and conditions required

(i) Training objects

1, the School of Public Administration 2018 level, 2019 level of the class group sub-committee at least 1 person;

2, the School of Public Administration has not yet joined the league and has the will to join the masses;

3, in addition to the above-mentioned objects of other members of our hospital who have the will to participate in the regiment school.

(2) Participants in this course must meet the following conditions:

1, full-time undergraduate students in our hospital;

2, abide by the school rules and regulations, have not been disciplined or although disciplinary action has been revoked, this semester and last semester has not been informed criticism;

Note: Students who meet two or more conditions for training objects at the same time may not re-enroll.


This class will divide the participants into 9 groups to conduct attendance and understand the comprehensive performance of the participants. The mission school office will randomly select a group leader in each group and pass the 10th Mission School and Qingma Engineering Training Course Group Leader Meeting Handover Team Information and Curriculum Arrangements.

Third, award evaluation

This course will feature Excellent Participants and Excellent Group awards. Excellent students based on attendance, classroom speech, outdoor practice participation enthusiasm to determine the winner's list, excellent group based on comprehensive attendance, enthusiasm, results display, etc. to determine the winners, the specific assessment method will be in the 10th group school and Green Horse Engineering Training Course leaders meeting note.

Four, the registration method

The ninth group school will be enrolled online at 22:00 on October 29, 2019 at the hnggtw WeChat Public, and closes at 10:00 p.m. on November 2nd.

Contact: KoYa-Hyun 13421474819

Yang Xixian 15992493430           

Committee of the School of Public Administration of South China Agricultural University of the Communist Youth League

November 3, 2019