Improve Political Position, Based on Professional Development—— the College held a Bi-weekly Study Meeting
日期:2020-04-21  发布人:公共管理学院  浏览量:10

Improve Political Position, Based on Professional Development——

the College held a Bi-weekly Study Meeting

On April 16, our college held a bi-weekly political study meeting. In view of the special period of the epidemic, the meeting was conducted by combining on-site meetings and video conferences. The college leadership team, the deputy directors of each department, the secretary of the teaching staff branch, and all full professors attended the on-site meeting , and the rest of the faculty and staff are participating in online video conference.

The theme of the meeting is mainly about the overall deployment of the college’s major adjustment work and the report of the stage work. Dean Zhang Yu first described the progress of the college’s professional adjustment work, and analyzed the three-step deployment plan of our college’s professional adjustment. In order to do the professional adjustment work well, the college has held a mobilization meeting of leadership groups and subject leaders, video demonstration meetings of various departments, and multiple coordination meetings.

By soliciting opinions from the staff questionnaires of the whole college, experts from outside the school, all professors of the school, etc., on the basis of full exchange, research, and argumentation, the professional adjustment first step decision is: merge the two majors of sociology and social work, retain the social work major, and focus on creating social work as a first-class undergraduate major. In order to ensure the steady progress of the professional adjustment work, the merger work of other majors of the college will be carried out step by step after the full demonstration is mature.

During the meeting, DeputyDean Liao Yang proposed that all teachers should improve their political positions and obey the college’s overall layout of major adjustments.

Secretary Dai Yubin emphasized that professional optimization and adjustment is the key work of the 13th Party Congress of our college. Our college is positioned as a teaching and research college in the future. The goal is clear and the task is difficult. At present, the college is at a key intersection of transformation and development, and it is necessary tocall out all teachers to follow the direction and concentrate all teachers to make the major bigger and stronger. During the professional adjustment, the college promises to do a good job of diversion of teachers, ensure the workload, and provide policy support such as priority visits to study and project establishment for teachers involved in the adjustment.

(Translated by Liu Siqi)