Guangdong Higher Education Teaching Management Association


Agriculture, Rural Areas and Farmers” Research Committee of Guangdong Social Sciences Association

Director: Professor Zhang, Xingjie


Social Innovation Research Base of Guangdong

Director: Zhang Xingjie


Research Base for the Development of the Cause of Disabled Persons of Guangdong

Director: Zhuo Caiqin


Social Management Innovation Research and Training Base of Guangzhou Tianhe District

Director: Zhang Xingjie


Social Work and Social Policy Research Center

Director: Zhang Xingjie


South China Agricultural University MPA Education Center

Director: Wu Yukun


South China Agricultural University MSW Education Center

Director: Zhuo Caiqin


South China Agricultural University Labor Relations Research Center

Director: Yang Zhengxi


South China Agricultural University Land Resources Research Center

Director: Wu Shunhui


Public Management Professional Skills Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Guangdong

Director: District Jingying


Guangdong Rural Communities Construction and Public Management Research Center, South China Agricultural University

Director: Zhang Xingjie


Service-oriented Governmental Performance Management Research Base of Guangzhou

Director: Zhang Yu