Lecture of China's Diplomacy under the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic
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China's novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak has greatly impacted the stable life of the peoples of the world. China has been attacked quickly and attacked by the pneumonia epidemic. It has achieved remarkable results. At the same time, it has demonstrated the great power of diplomacy with its strength and extended its helping hand to overcome the difficulties and fight against the epidemic. China's novel coronavirus pneumonia was launched at the 15 hour April 22, 2020, when the student of the school of electrical and mechanical engineering of the Guangdong Normal University of technology and the student cadre of the school of public administration, Yu Xiao, held a lecture on China diplomacy under the new crown pneumonia epidemic situation in the Tencent classroom. He teaches novel coronavirus pneumonia from four aspects: diplomatic background, positioning, form and content, and tells us about the diplomatic situation of China under the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

Mr. Yu Xiao first explained the diplomatic background from four development stages and six important nodes. Secondly, China's diplomacy novel coronavirus pneumonia is an important part of the war on epidemic prevention. Next, I explained to the students in detail that during the critical period of the global war, President Xi Jinping carried out frequent intensive diplomacy of heads of state, and the characteristics of multi-level diplomacy were obvious.

 Then, teacher Yu Xiao explains the fourth part. In the face of cynicism and confusion from some countries, China still adheres to the concept of community of shared future for mankind, and believes that in times of crisis, all countries in the world should work together to defeat the virus and push the international community back to the track of normal development.

original poems of Mr.YuXiao


  At the end of the course, Mr. Yu Xiao created three poems and put them into the belief that the whole world will work together to fight the epidemic together, and the virus will be eliminated eventually. China has effectively controlled the epidemic, unreservedly shared experiences and methods with the world, and demonstrated to the world with practical actions that the grace of every drop of water should be reported to each other. We firmly believe that after the epidemic, the motherland will be Phoenix Nirvana!

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