CPM Album

        In order to enhance the alumni and alma mater's sentiment and to provide a communication platform for the college and alumni, the Public Management College Employment and Entrepreneurship Service Center held an alumni association on November 3rd, 2018 in the Public Administration College Building. Nearly 50 past alumni participated in the event, and the event was very warm and enjoyable.

Around 11 in the morning, previous alumni began to appear one after another. After signing at the gate of the School of Public Administration and finishing the souvenir, they went down to the mobile whiteboard under the guidance of the staff, wrote down the best wishes or memories of the college. They also took photos here.

Then they came to the time machine booth, wrote down the wishes or wishes of the future on the postcard, or took it away, or put it into the time mailbox, waiting for the future to receive this letter from the past. Then most of them wrote a message to the teacher on a postcard or post-it note, in order to express their gratitude and blessing to the teacher. In the end, they came to the small game booth to watch the game of guessing the place’s name. By recognizing the scenery of the campus, they relived their youth time. In addition, some of the previous alumni associations enter the lounge, while tasting the Huanong special Shijia tea, some were telling friends about the interesting things of the student era, and others were sharing experiences with the teachers and students and providing them advice. Past alumni and teachers and students were talking and laughing, and the mood was very lively.

At this point, the event earned a happy ending. We believe that this alumni association will enable the college to have a better understanding of previous alumni, and then provide experience for the school's teaching and entrepreneurship, and also enable them to feel the care of their alma mater, enhance their alma mater's feelings, and promote their work for the college and even the school.

(By Liu Yanan)