Theme activities of fighting against the new crown epidemic
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A sudden epidemic has disrupted the pace of life of people from all walks of life, and public management students have been forced to study at home. Novel coronavirus, our wills unite like a fortress. We are committed to the theme of all the people hope for spring return on March 7th to March 27th .


This activity is divided into three parts: the collection of push contributions, the collection of cultural and creative works and the promotion of voluntary deeds. Among them, the collection of push contributions is divided into four different themes, pay homage to the epidemic rebel and write a letter to Wuhan or front-line workers. Students are invited to express their support, encouragement and blessing to the medical staff who helped Hubei during the epidemic and the workers who insisted on participating in the prevention and control work all over the country; The anti epidemic stories of me and the people around me encourage students to show their homestead status and pay attention to the positive energy around them during the epidemic; after the epidemic, I think... It gives students the opportunity to imagine the future and ignite their yearning for a better life.


In order to give full play to the inspiring and hopeful power of literary and artistic works, this collection and promotion of literary and creative works shows all kinds of literary and creative works created by our students during the epidemic period, including pictures, photos, poems, videos, audio, feelings, etc. The participating students showed high enthusiasm and solid literary creation skills, and contributed a lot of excellent works.

During the epidemic, many public management students took the initiative to report to their communities and volunteered to participate in the prevention and control of the epidemic. After collecting the volunteer deeds in the early days, the League Committee of our hospital has concentrated on publicizing the official account of many outstanding public management students who participated in voluntary activities during the epidemic period, giving full play to their exemplary role and calling on all the students to learn from them.

(volunteer activities)

 This activity received many high-quality contributions from our college students. As of the evening of March 27th, we received 50 submissions, 37 calligraphy and calligraphy, 2 video creation, 56 writing and 42 recitation, and displayed and publicized the official account through the Hualong Communist Youth League Committee. The successful holding of this activity shows the excellent demeanor of our school students during the epidemic, and enhances our confidence in the complete victory of the fight against the epidemic. Let's join hands and work together to overcome the difficulties. Let's contribute the power of public management to win the prevention and control of epidemic!




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