Video Conference of the Fifth Round of Subject Evaluation and Undergraduate Major Adjustment
日期:2020-03-13  发布人:公共管理学院  浏览量:10

Video Conference of the Fifth Round of Subject Evaluation and Undergraduate Major Adjustment

On the afternoon of March 12, School of Public Management held a video conference to discuss the fifth round of subject evaluation and undergraduate major adjustment. A total of 24 membersparticipated in the video conference, including members of the College Party and Government Joint Conference, discipline leaders, department heads and related staff. Professor Dai Yubin, Secretary of School of Public Management Committee of the Communist Party of China,hosted the conference.

Professor Zhang Yu, Dean of School of Public Management, first introduced the significance of the fifth subject assessment to the development of the college, the preparations already completed, the achievements and deficiencies of the college in recent years. The college specially established the fifth subject assessment leading group, assessment working group, and WeChat work Group, and make clear arrangements for recent work, hoping that this evaluation will achieve good results.

Deputy Dean Yang Zhengxi introduced the experience of the fourth subject evaluation, the indicators that have been improved in recent years, and the weaknesses need to be broken.

Deputy Dean Liao Yang conveyed the contents of the start-up meeting of undergraduate major adjustment in detail, and put forward specific requirements for the college to carry out this work recently.

Discipline leaders and department heads all expressed their obedience to the decisions of schools and colleges, and led teachers of this specialty to do the two tasks of subject evaluation and professional adjustment. Meanwhile, discipline leaders and department heads also elaborated on the development history, achievements, explorations, current professional status and social needs of current majors, and put forward many feasible suggestions.

Professor Dai Yubin made a concluding speech. He hoped teachers of the school would work together, seek common development, and put both tasks into practice..

(Translated by Liu Siqi)